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‘What Do Grown-Ups Do All Day?‘ by Dawid Ryski does exactly that, in a stylish and contemporary production. It is after all a mighty fine question and a younger audience might be surprised at what us grown-ups do get up to. There’s a whole host of varying vocations and careers that are on offer to us all, someContinue reading “WHAT DO GROWN-UPS DO ALL DAY?”

What to do about strong-willed female employees

I recently left a job at a company that had no idea why good employees were suddenly quitting. The individual reasons for quitting were not all the same. Some of us left because of incompetent management, some left because we weren’t being paid enough, some because we often felt like we weren’t being given opportunitiesContinue reading “What to do about strong-willed female employees”

The Rocker

Rocker  If “The Rocker” might need to be identical to the retro era 80-90, which is a decade, rock music booming greatly. Many artists have occurred and gone out and just have no less legendary a star forever more music per lot, it is also interested in the latest buzzwords, like all children will stillContinue reading “The Rocker”

I’m giving theCHIVE back to the real Chivettes

Many of you have already noticed some of the changes that have happened here over the last few weeks, but I wanted to address some of the most positive changes personally. theCHIVE continues to surge as the last happy outpost on the internet, and I don’t want to leave anybody feeling uninformed or left out.Continue reading “I’m giving theCHIVE back to the real Chivettes”

Chivers reveal their perfect date ideas for Valentines Day

1 Yesterday we asked y’all through our Instagram what your best date ideas are for Valentines Day? And you definitely did not disappoint. Feel to get in on the fun in the comments section below. Tacos and anal have already been said. 2 3 4 5 ADVERTISEMENT 6 7 8 9 10 ADVERTISEMENT   11 12 13Continue reading “Chivers reveal their perfect date ideas for Valentines Day”

A Fashion Photographer on the Unexpected in between moments where Great Pictures happen

(Landon Nordeman, Out of Fashion) Anyone who has attended a fashion show can tell you there’s a great deal of waiting around: Models endure hours of hair and makeup. Attendees gather outside venues, and kiss cheeks. Hired cars idle. Champagne is passed. It’s these liminal moments—when many of us reach for our phones to passContinue reading “A Fashion Photographer on the Unexpected in between moments where Great Pictures happen”