Global visa and citizenship processing times

On this page information : Australian Visa Visa application processing times Citizenship application processing times Circumstances that affect processing times How to view processing times Information on what you need to know Global visa and citizenship processing times will be updated monthly, providing you with an indicative timeframe for processing applications. Processing times are availableContinue reading “Global visa and citizenship processing times”

How to get a Russian Visa by yourself. Complete step-by-step instruction

It is not at all difficult to issue a Tourist or Business (Commercial) visa for a trip to Russia! In this article we will tell you how to get a cheap visa to Russia with the least effort, how to collect all required documents¬†within just one hour! Part 1: Choosing the type of visa toContinue reading “How to get a Russian Visa by yourself. Complete step-by-step instruction”

USA Visitor Visa Interview

For visitor visa interview arrive at the US embassy or consulate where your appointment for a visa is scheduled. Persons with incomplete applications will not be admitted. Persons with special needs who require assistance, please contact the consulate at least 48 hours prior to the interview to arrange admittance for an assistant. What happens insideContinue reading “USA Visitor Visa Interview”

What to do with a tourist visa

Australian Visitor Visa OVERVIEW This visa is for the temporary entry of people for tourism or business visitor purposes. There are two streams which can be applied for outside Australia Tourist stream For people to visit Australia temporarily for a holiday, to visit relatives or friends or for other short-term non-work purposes, including study forContinue reading “What to do with a tourist visa”

The Treasures of Life in Australia

Australian lifestyle There is no such thing as a typical Australian lifestyle. Some Australians choose a laid-back life in the country, and others prefer to live in busy cosmopolitan areas. Regardless of where they choose to stay, Australians enjoy a high quality of life. Australian values The Australian government encourages new residents to learn asContinue reading “The Treasures of Life in Australia”