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How to do Schengen visa

Europe… The Dream Destination of many People.

Many people have not tried it yet. It’s hard to see. To enter these countries. In addition to many factors. The cost of living is expensive or time. And again, because of the need to apply for a visa. “Shengen, but really, believe me, if the documents and information you are ready. It is very easy and almost no worries, 3-15 business days.

Get to know the Schengen visa before.

Shengen visa is a visa for countries in the European zone that can fly across the border between 26 countries,

most of them do not have any checkpoints. Make a mess There may be some situations. This is under the Schengen Agreement.

26 countries that include …


The Schengen is divided into four categories: …

1. Visas for airport transfers (category “A”). Citizens from certain countries outside the Schengen area who wish to travel by air to a third country. You will need a visa to change your plane at the airport.

2. A “B” visa This type of visa is issued to individuals traveling through one or more of the countries of the Schengen before traveling to a third country. This type of visa is issued for one, two, or more trips in special cases. The duration of each pass must not exceed 5 days.

3. Short stay visa (type “C”) This type of visa will be issued for one trip, two or more times. The duration of residence permit varies, but not more than 3 months, for a period of 6 months.

4. Visas are only available in the “D” category. Access only to the country you requested. For example, at the Embassy of Belgium. Student visa The embassy will issue a type D visa, which is to enter Belgium only. And to ban it to another country. I do not want to go to Belgium. (It’s coming to Belgium. This ID can then travel to other countries in the Schengen countries.

Citizens from non-member countries will need to apply for the same visa.

(Cr. )

Schengen visas are subject to the same basic rules. It may be a matter of appointment, consideration or additional paperwork. For example, many countries will allow us to operate through intermediaries such as Italy, Austria, Spain and so on. Through VFS Global, France will be through TLS or some other embassy. That makes the system somewhat different. Like appointment or time

We need to know before that. We will go to the embassy of the country. We will look at the country that is the longest or the country we were in. I choose it. Personally, I use the country that is the longest. Then go there. If anyone has a country that is the longest. We choose the country before we offline.

The documents for filing a Single Entry or Multiple Entry are not the same.

1) Application Form for Visa Application

This must be careful if you do not want to waste time. Some of us may have to download from the Web. Then print it out. Or some of it might be us to fill online. So check it well. I have to write clear. If necessary strike Do not forget to sign it.

2) Passport

I do not forget to allow myself to hit hard. One at a time And most importantly, sure enough, it must be at least 6 months to the date of leaving the Schengen country. (Do not forget to make copies with multiple cards.)

3) Copy of ID card

This is for me. Most of the night. But it is not damaged. Will not regret

4) 2 inch color photos

At the photo shoot, he said, “I / I / we will apply for a Schengen visa! Most of these shops will know.
I know it is not damaged. Should be a polite face on the white background, not wearing a hat, not wearing glasses, not to be scanty, is a polite 55, some of which are defined as the French, so check it well. And should not be taken more than 6 months, but if you forget, there is no warning that the visa is always available.

5) travel insurance

It is necessary to buy. I do not want to use most .. .. very important. Including the time from day to day – Back or flow is not the same, but the amount of insurance cover both nursing care. Or other insurance Not less than 1,500,000 baht or 30,000 euros, or some may ask for more. But this is about it. Check with the insurance. We need to be able to check that there is a guarantee. At the embassy

6) Flights ticket

This is not really necessary to book or offline. It’s not that. But well. Is talking to the tour company that sells air tickets. The ticket is issued before. The visa will be purchased. Some of the good ones come to mind. Or some that may be deposited. The advantage is if you do not pass, we can cancel or if you want to adjust it can do. I always ask him to come out first. I’m not sure if I’m going to buy it.

7) Quick travel plans

I do not have to go to full option to take a brief summary of what is needed is the date, country, city, and from this city to this city. Or from this country, jump to this country. How are we traveling? The train to the bus to clear. If there are tickets booked then grandma forget to attach. If not, it must be specified. Going to buy a job page. (Check first) Some require a ticket.) And another important thing is. We will go to the hotel where the hotel is ready to go.

8) Evidence of accommodation

Recommend that reservations should be. We can cancel without any charge. Emergency Or we want to change the plant suddenly. I like 555 and the other is a visa case you do not pass. Do not waste your money. If you do not sleep at night. It must be on a train or boat or bus to specify.Take a look at the top I made. The night I went to Stockholm, I would say “on Ferry” tonight and then go something like this … the key is. I do not have the word “walk in”, it is not sure. I have to book a day to complete offline.

By the way, we normally have mailboxes. Just mail your name, address, telephone number, address, accommodation and booking reference, as well as other information. I need to finish it.

Note: The case is going to hold a friend or relative home. This is a busy life. I need a visa to go. We need a letter of invitation from the person we are going to stay with and the exact copy. Including documents. The embassy may ask for some difference. Recommend that if this type. Should check with the Embassy in detail.

9) Certificate of Work

In case we are human, salary In this case, the company must issue a letter certifying the position, date of commencement, salary, time of approval, leave And to cover the day we are traveling. Until the date back .. with the signature and the company eye. The letter should be in English … the person will know how to use it.

If anyone else is a student, it’s like asking for a certificate from a school. We are also a student this year, this donkey is not as run away as Robin Hood offline.
And if we are the owner, it must be registered as our name as evidence. By all the ensemble No matter who you are This is important and must not be missed. It will guarantee that. Everyone will return home. Back to the land of Thailand is absolute.

10) Financial Certification Documents

Money is always important. especially The cost of living in Europe. He wants to guarantee that people will enter the Schengen countries. Will have money to fit.

10.1) Last 6 months
Or a copy of the deposit account for the past 6 months may be printed from the Internet. I do not know what to do. It is not the only withdrawal. There are a few salaries with statements should be related.
Final balance should be the most. We can do it low, it should be 8000 – 12,000 baht per day multiplied by the amount we will be in Schengen. The better, the better. For example, to 8 days, it would be 70,000 at least.

10.2) Letter of Guarantee from the Bank
Is the letter from the bank. We open an account here. This amount of money around. And the final balance is about to go along with the statement with the same sentence, “to apply for a Schengen visa.

Important note: Where to go to learn more rules before offline. If you do not like the “call” to ask that this is enough. What else?

Things to know before filing.

  • Date and time of visa application: Very important. To date, with offline. But most will not be much. It is a system that Walk in it or have to make an appointment.
  • Advance request: No more than three months in advance. From the day we arrived in the Schengen area, the first day, look good, I missed it and went over a week.
  • Place of visa application: Check that the country where we filed it. Must pass Or go to the Embassy directly. That’s where we have to go. It’s a part of Italy to go through the VFS premises in the Silom Complex 15th floor, but then go to the morning. Will not have to wait long.
  • Time to consider: This depends on the country. And embassy Average time is not more than 15 days, some cases 3 days 5 days, but the best time to think that 16 days before.
  • Fees: There may be some disparities. It’s a good idea to pay a few Euros, but you will have to pay Euros.
  • Number of days: Most, if not multiple, will have the same number of days. Or the Embassy?
  • Need urgent: If anyone wants more urgent. Try to attach a letter if you go offline. I like it when urgent because of something like quick fire. I need to specify it.
  • Multiple request: If multiple requests, it must specify what. The reason for this would be to enter England first. Then come back to Europe. Or plan to go to Croatia or Balkan countries. I do not know. I do not know what to do.

Prepare documents to complete the information and then lie quietly waiting for the news waiting good news. Go to Europe!

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