Top 10 Cities in Instagram

Instagram Launches Top 10 Instagram Users in 2017 Is a social community with 800 million users worldwide by Instagram. “2017 Year in Review,” which focuses on the most attention-grabbing content in 2017, is “Like Most Like” or “Most Hash Taged”. Including the cities where Instagram users have toured and identified the most coordinated locations inContinue reading “Top 10 Cities in Instagram”

How to Plan Destination Wedding

April is here!!! I can barely believe it because exactly 1 month from today I will be boarding a plane to head to my WEDDING in Italy!  I have been planning this wedding for about a year now, and I am beyond excited that it’s almost time for it to happen!  With that being said, I wantContinue reading “How to Plan Destination Wedding”

Global visa and citizenship processing times

On this page information : Australian Visa Visa application processing times Citizenship application processing times Circumstances that affect processing times How to view processing times Information on what you need to know Global visa and citizenship processing times will be updated monthly, providing you with an indicative timeframe for processing applications. Processing times are availableContinue reading “Global visa and citizenship processing times”

Checked Bags On Some Transatlantic Itineraries

Delta was the first of the “big three” US carriers to roll out basic economy fares, which they did back in 2012. However, Delta’s basic economy fares come with significantly fewer restrictions than those basic economy fares offered by American and United (both of which just rolled out basic economy on a widespread basis earlier thisContinue reading “Checked Bags On Some Transatlantic Itineraries”

At Alaska’s Spacious “New” First Class Seats

In late 2015, Alaska Airlines announced that they would be adding extra legroom seats to their planes. Specifically, Alaska was introducing Premium Class, which features extra legroom, complimentary drinks and snacks, etc. While that’s good news, there was another part to this announcement. Specifically, a majority of Alaska’s fleet would go from having 16 firstContinue reading “At Alaska’s Spacious “New” First Class Seats”

USA Visitor Visa Interview

For visitor visa interview arrive at the US embassy or consulate where your appointment for a visa is scheduled. Persons with incomplete applications will not be admitted. Persons with special needs who require assistance, please contact the consulate at least 48 hours prior to the interview to arrange admittance for an assistant. What happens insideContinue reading “USA Visitor Visa Interview”