Alcoholic drinks with rubber rings around

Because of alcohol, it is the source of the rubber ring around the belly

A new study from UCLA found that Men who drink 80 ml of alcohol (Or 8 shot glasses) In a single drink will have a larger waist circumference than a man who drinks the same amount of water But spend drinking time throughout the week This is because of heavy drinking in large quantities will stop the metabolism of fat in the body it self

What will happen … when you drink a big gulp?

  • Within seconds alcohol will flow into your stomach.
  • 20 percent of alcohol will be absorbed into the stomach the rest will be gathered in the intestine.
  • Alcohol will circulate with the blood stream to the liver then the liver cells will act to eliminate and change alcohol into waste like Acetaldehyde and Acetate
  • (Acetaldehyde) And (Acetate) will send a signal to your body stop burning fat at the same time, your body will start to create fat from waste Obtained from the removal of alcohol at Acetyl-CoA
  • Your body can eliminate alcohol only 15-30 ml per hour so the more you drink your body will stop burning fat. And also creating fat from Acetyl-CoA more (330 ml beer contains 17 ml of alcohol)

Ways to reduce belly

If you can’t really be patient, share the average to drink some other day. Try not to make every day a national liquor day.

Cold bath, lose weight

Our home is a hot city, and we are popular with cold showers rather than warm water. You did it right because the cold bath gave more benefits than the rest. That is to help burn excess calories by 500 calories per day. Study results in journals The New Enfland Journal of Medicine found making the body cool will help to stimulate “Brown fat” (Good fat that causes heat) which will help the metabolism process and burn white fat, which is a bad type of fat previously, researchers thought that only newborn children
with brown fat to help keep the body warm in the cold and prevent cold which is deadly in the newborn But now, researchers have found that adults have this type of fat and this type of fat will work when we are in a very cold place Dr. Mike Carthorn, head of the research team, author of the study report Advise that “Try a cold shower after the sauna is necessary that must stimulate brown fat to work and the work is very easy, just use cold water only” But it can be said thatEating cold foods such as ice cream do not count in this process.

Accelerate the metabolism by protein shakes

Drinking protein shakes before lifting can help accelerate fat burningBy reports from researchers from Syracuse University, New York discovered that people who drink amino acids with carbohydrates before weight lifting there will be more metabolism in the next day.Compared to people who eat only carbohydrates before going to work out ” Increased protein helps to reduce cortisol stress levels Cortisol hormone often to obstruct the metabolism After exercise” Dr. Hirra Hagney, research author, said “Drinking protein shakes and then go on to raise the body to help accelerate fat burning resulting in fat-free muscles (Lean muscle) quickly ” The amount of participants used and got satisfactory results 22 grams with 35 grams of flour but don’t forget that you should eat for 1 hour.

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