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What is Affiliate Marketing?

Looking further on how affiliate marketing works, let’s take for example big companies like Apple, Amazon, Disney, and Walmart who offer bloggers or anyone which aim is to get cash to promote their product or services offered by giving them a link; this embedded link will serve as a way of explaining and recommending their products to your audience.

There are also some links that when clicked will forward you to the website of these companies allowing buyers to learn more by giving an opportunity of availing their product and services.  Each of the links is tracked via a special link so that the company will be advised when to pay. For every click and purchase, they get from you, you earn little commission or sometimes compensation, depending on the company.

It is salient to choose an affiliate partnership that is suitable for your blog and even with your audience target.

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing

All you should do is to promote and recommend the product you love, it is also a passive income stream which you can earn repeatedly with just a single post given that many people will read your post. The more post you have, the more chances you have to gain a higher commission in form of either a flat fee or a percentage of the sale.

Aside from these facts, here’s what you can benefit from affiliate marketing:

No investment needed to join an affiliate marketing program. Yes, you don’t need any setup fees to join an affiliate marketing program. All you need to spend on is your website and your time to create stunning content that will convert your readers into customers for your affiliates.

Passive income just rolling for your blog. Who doesn’t want to generate passive income for their websites? Affiliate marketing makes it possible for your website to generate income that will continue to earn even when you’re asleep.

The world is your audience. Do you live in Africa? Or in the Thailand? No problem at all! You can still reach anyone and everyone around the globe with your content. As long as your blog is in English, you can always step up your game and even have different ranges of customers coming into your blog.

So, you just know what is affiliate marketing and how you can benefit from it, let us now understand these terms.

What is affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing Terms

Before jumping on the bandwagon, here are some terminologies that you might want to familiarize yourself with if you decide to monetize your blog through affiliate marketing:

Affiliate link – these are embedded links on the blogger’s site that are provided by the company which will forward the user to the company’s website where their products are posted. Aside from the website, this can also be a search page or a category. These affiliate links track the users going from your website to their website so your commission can be traced back to you.

Affiliate products  products or services promoted and advertised in blogger’s page which in turn earns you a commission. Products may be based on your choice or depending on the target client.

Affiliate Program – before considering the product to be promoted, find first companies with affiliate programs that allow promotion of their products and in return pay the blogger with the commission or free for their referral.

Affiliate Networks – There are websites that bring together website publishers and advertisers (companies that offer affiliate programs) in one place. This network runs the entire affiliate program for the companies in the network. Publishers can visit these networks to discover a variety of companies that offer affiliate products.

Commissions – are the revenue you get every time someone clicks on your affiliate link. This can be either in the form of flat fee or a percentage of the sale. This is usually pre-recognized and should be known beforehand before joining affiliate programs
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