The Only One to Travel North

This’s well.  But do not blame it me. I still think about everybody with you all it so Happiness.

I have a time to give someone come on every day when the time I’m lonely on some time.
April 29 is a good day because it is my birthday The preparation for this worship Annual of birth relics to this year.

You know, that’s why single people are ready stay alone in the day when there is no one left


Let’s talk a little longer.I want the reader to know the taste of this trip The journey of this trip is the determination to pay homage to the annual relics. The province of Lampang.Northern local food is abundant.For me, after paying homage to the relics, it was lunch time.The craving to taste the tastes of even the native cuisine is genuine northern. “Khao Soi Kai” The lunch I want to taste the food is called “Noodle Thai Restaurant” on the road to Lamphun – Chiang Mai. Before i reach chiang mai Then come straight up Chiang Mai. Experience the ancient style Lanna style. Local identity in the north.



Lampang is a province in the northern part of Thailand. There are many names such as Sri Don Chai Lamphu, Kamphaengphet, Khon Kaen, Kuk Kuang Nakorn.The city is the symbol of the province is white chicken in the mondop with a total area of 12,534 square kilometers. The terrain is that of Don and Forest The northern part is flat and gradually lowered to the south as the Wang River Basin. The mountains are important. Mountains The origin of the river Wang.And the Khun Tan Mountains. The boundary between Lampang – Lamphun. There is a tunnel for the train to pass through a distance of 1 km

Lampang is the only province in Thailand that also uses horse-drawn carriages. Within the city It is one of the attractions. Lampang carriages are convertible. The passenger seat resembles the seat of a tricycle.But larger. In the back of the equestrian seat. The level is slightly higher than two people can sit.


Wat Phra That Lampang Luang is a temple with architecture. Karmic and historical significance. It is a pristine temple in Lampang. Legend has it since the time of Phra Nang Chang Devi. By the 13th century the temple was located on the hill. There is a staircase leading to the temple.Wat Phra That Lampang Luang is also enshrined. The invincible Buddha image of Lampang. Every year there will be an annual event on the lunar month.


Thailand Elephant Conservation Center Located at Ban Thungkwan. It is 24 km from Lampang city by Highway 11 (Lampang – Lamphun)
The Thai Elephant Conservation Center is in charge of the Northern Forest Industry. Forestry Industry Organization It is the only place in Thailand
Activities within the center. There are elephant shows such as elephants, elephants, elephants, elephants, greetings, and prizes from tourists. There is also an elephant ride around the forest park. Food, drink and souvenir shop 2 elephants show 09.30 AM, 11 AM for Saturdays and Sundays. And the public day is around 14.00 hrs. Both Thai and foreigners.

There are many places that want to experience the beauty of nature..Many places want to experience the atmosphere of the season to experience the beauty of nature itself


I’m not sure if this is a good idea. It is intended to take a long time to bathe and relax to relax. Before leaving town in the city One thing that my body will not forget. Traveling alone with a motorcycle both work the same trip

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Do what you want to do, and enjoy the happiness of both ourselves and those around us. We are happy to go.

Scout Camp is a camp for recreation. Many activities With 13 different basesIn the accommodation section Lanna style atmosphere With ancient teak wood. Some are traditional. Some of them were dismantled and rebuilt at this scout camp.

Let nature heal the body and mind for the sake of consciousness, along with the tenderness of thought


The serious intention of our people is true. But the real intention of the people are not the same.Leave it to the technician. Then turn your face to happiness for yourself and those around you.


Thank you for visiting this place


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