Art In Paradise Museum (Pattaya)

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3-D Art MuseumArt in Paradiseis not like a typical museum Do not have a picture hanging on the wall and let people walk to see. But the main point and point of sale. This museum It is that the audience can be part of the painting and each of the exhibits are very virtual. With 3D drawing techniques. When we entered the photo with the painting. It will look very real But depending on the creative idea to shoot with This museum is hoping to become a new Tourist attraction that has made its name in Pattaya.
Mr. Shin Jungol, Korean Director of the Museum. Here are the different zones. Depending on the concept of the exhibition For example, underwater zones and wildlife. Zone artists, world-class painters, Ayutthaya and Egyptian zones, painting zones, Dinosaur Zone and Foreign Landscape Zone More than 6,000 square meters of exhibition space with more than 100 images. If you come to see “Art in Paradise” that art is not something that is difficult to access anymore. But it is an art that we laughed at posing fun with family, friends or loved ones. All pictures taken in the Art in Paradise Museum are also impressive. It is also a picture of beautiful memories.

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Admission fees

  • Foreign adults, 500 Baht for children 300 Baht (Height up to 120 cm)
  • Thai adults 150 Baht, 100 baht children (height up to 120 cm)
  • Children Under 100 cm free admission.

Detail : Art in Paradise Museum

Opening hours

  • Open daily from 09.00 AM – 09.00 PM (excluding public holidays).
  • Sale Tickets at 08.00 pm. Tel. 038 – 424500

Terms of Use

  • This card can be used to visit the Art in Paradise Museum (Pattaya).
  • You can show tickets received in email to employees. On the phone immediately

Note : When you buy a ticket, it can not. Change or return

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