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กุ้ยหลิน, เชี่ยวหลาน

Review Thailand

Nevertheless we visited the guides home afterwards and were treated to coconuts and rambutan and a taste of suburban living thai style which was a bonus, What I would say is dont get talked into what you dont feel right doing – there are plenty of tour companies.The village itself is really lovely and the resort is central in this so a good position from which to explore

Amazing Thailand from Ben Cremel on Vimeo

Traveling easy, try to take yourself to know the amazing once and then to know that once destination was never enough for a glamorous charm.

Somebody review “Great place in nature”
Nature paradise all around. Friendly staff nice houses . I come second time and like to come again

The best views over 


Rajthani Hotel

Taladmai, City Centre, Suratthani, Thailand, 84000 – ดูแผนที่


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