What’s Your Travel Style?

When it comes to travel outfits, most men just want to be comfortable. This post is all about traveling in comfort and style, because why not have both?


Whether you fly once every few months or every single week, you’ve probably noticed the variety of men’s travel outfits at the airport.

Some men are wearing suits, but most are dressed with one thing in mind: comfort.

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It’s totally fine to make comfort a priority when deciding what to wear to the airport, but that doesn’t mean it’s okay to look sloppy when you’re flying.

You don’t have to wear a suit, but you shouldn’t look like you just rolled out of bed, and I think there’s a nice middle ground you should aim for.

I’ll show you one of my favorite travel outfits below, but first check out this video for five ways to travel in comfort and style:

Here’s my go-to travel getup:

Casual travel outfit

shirt (sold out) | pants (similar) | watch | shoes

It’s comfortable, functional and stylish. Even though it isn’t a very “dressy” outfit, I still look better than most men I see at the airport.

Why is that? First and foremost, my clothes fit well. Plus, even though my outfit is pretty plain, my accessories make it cool.

Notice how the brown leather watch band matches my messenger bag and shoes? It’s all about the details, my friend.

watch | bag | shoes

This watch may seem ordinary at first glance, but it’s actually very unique. Check out the razor thin wooden bezel around the face.

OG minimalist watch

I’ve seen wooden watches before, but never one like this. Most wooden watches are too big and chunky for my taste, but this one is thin, sleek and elegant.
Note: If you like this watch, check out The Minimalist collection from Original Grain. Use the code modestman for a special discount.

OG Minimalist watch face

Accessories are the best way to spruce up an otherwise simple outfit, and a wristwatch is an extremely practical accessory for traveling (especially air travel).

They look stylish, and a unique watch is a great conversation starter. Plus they help you keep track of local time when you’re flying through different timezones.

I like to set my watch to match my destination right when I sit down on the plane. That way, I always know exactly what time it is where I’m going.


If you want to go with a more casual look, you can swap your chinos and loafers for jeans and sneakers.

More casual travel outfit

shirt (sold out) | jeans | sunglasses | watch | belt | shoes

But don’t wear running shoes or beat up old tennis shoes. Go with something like Onitsuka, Vans, Common Projects, Adidas, etc.

This casual travel outfit is still pretty stylish because the individual pieces fit, and the accessories add just enough flare.


What do you wear to the airport? Are you a shorts and t-shirt kind of guy, or do you dress it up a little bit?
Let me know in the comments section!

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