Train Barcelona – Madrid

Barcelona – Madrid

The average travel time between Barcelona and Madrid is 2h-56 minutes. The quickest route is 2h-30 minutes. The first train leaving Barcelona is at 06:05, the last at 20:00. There is an average of 18 trains a day between Barcelona and Madrid, leaving approximately every  1h-03 minutes.

  • Departure station : Barcelona sants (Plaça dels Països Catalans Barcelona)
  • Arrival station : Madrid atocha (Avenida de Barcelona Madrid)

Barcelona is at the cutting edge of technology and sustainability. It is a cosmopolitan, dynamic and creative city that can offer you unique experiences. Experiences that will make you feel different. Experiences associated with the city’s heritage, traditions, gastronomy, culture, crafts and new technologies that you’ll take an active part in instead of remaining a mere bystander. Don’t just visit Barcelona!  Live it!

Una sola parada para viajes en tren por Europa

And the best thing of all is, you don’t have to be a great explorer to find and discover all of Barcelona’s neighbourhoods.

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