Why to see Thai food.

Thai food is the top

We are seriously addicted to Thai food! While in Thailand, do not limit yourself to ordinary Khao pad, Pad thai  about which you have learned back home. Thai cuisine is diverse, and besides a huge variety of seafood on offer – which you are unlikely to find dirt cheap, by the way, – there is a whole wealth of local specialties, from Isan treasures of  (Green Papaya Salad) and spicy meaty (our perennial favourite) to the southern sweet Muslim pancakes with Banana, egg or spicy curry f to more specific flavours like the northern mouthwatering  curry with Coconut milk and Egg noodles.

Your everyday bowl of noodles or rice with curry should not cost you more than THB60, THB30-40 being the more reasonable price – and you can easily survive on a couple of those per day plus fresh fruit and vegetables which are abundant and affordable – both from street markets or huge supermarkets.

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(Kanvela Resort)
Kanchanaburi, Thailand, 71190 Map

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