You are that “Image of Artists” 


It doesn’t happen every day when your heart is filled with so much love that it begins to drip out for the world to see that your face and eyes both look happy and lively. Since the day you happened to me, I am more drunk in Life and Love than anything else. It is kind of beautiful that makes art.

Youare all over me. I haven’t tasted your lips as yet but I can feel my lips carry the sweetness of yours you left over it last night in my dreams. I can feel the warmth of your tongue inside my mouth when you mouthed my mouth tenderly in my imaginations. It thrills. It makes me shiver. It turns me crazy. The love of ours isn’t mediocre. It is strange and exhilarating.

In your absence I miss you like deserts miss the rain. In your presence I feel like the shore where the waves of your love comes and kiss and drench me in feelings of contentment.

Ⓜ You are Love.You are that image of artists who long to bring you alive with his brush on his canvas. I am extremely Happy with You,

The story goes through, and then comes out as an experience and a memory.

🌐 I feel like If you are the waves of your love comes

Published by Phol Jansinger

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