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Small beutiful island near Italy

Known on behalf of Malta is an island nation in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, consisting of three islands: Malta, Gozo and Coimania. Because of the strategic value of the island. Malta was occupied by superpowers from various regions over the past thousand years. Those countries have gone. Due to the impact they make on the island and its residents.

Due to its proximity to Italy. The influence of the language and food is very much from the mainland. While the Knights of St John and the Angels, they all left the tangible and unmistakable of their assemblage. Malta is a country with a large population of more than 90 percent of the Roman Catholics and is strictly religious.

There is also a town located between Malta and Gozo. The fascinating and funniest is the cocktail which has been dubbed “Mecca of Water Sports” Although Malta is in the center of the Mediterranean. There is heavy air traffic and air transport facilities to major European cities and major destinations in the United Kingdom. There are regular ferry runs between Malta. Sicily and Salina

Capital “Valletta” is an incredible coastal city built by the Knights of St John in the 16th century. But it is a center of amazing and popular facilities from leading global institutions. It also provides quality health care services. The name of the story. Domestic people have mercy. However, it may not be easy to understand, especially in religion. The emphasis is on enjoyment.

Quality Hotel Join in the big cities of Malta and the resort area. St George’s Bay and St Julian Township are home to a luxury hotel, while resorts in Bubibay have good accommodation. Gozo Island is home to some of the finest hotels in the city, such as Mgarr Sannat and San Lawrenz, while Covina attracts top developers.

Malta uses electricity 230 V, 50 Hz like Thailand. The plug is a 3-pin head.
* If there are electrical equipment from Thailand. To be used there should be prepared Universal Adapter (plug adapter) before leaving.

Communication nowadays has several channels of international correspondence, such as social networks or smartphone chat applications that can be used to call or video chat. Connect to the internet No charge. (For more information, please contact Fulbright)

Malta Map
Malta Map

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Hotel In Malta

Grand Hotel

Grand Hotel Excelsior
Great Wall Street, Valletta, Valletta, Malta – View on map

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