You Say “I Love You” How do you think?

You Say "I Love You" How do you think?

Michael Champagne is a community activist and speaker based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Recently, in a moving post, he thanked the people of his North End neighborhood for their perseverance in building a better community for future generations.

Champagne’s tribute got us thinking about the many ways there are to convey “I love you” by using actions, not words.

My family taught me that sometimes you can say “I Love You” through the hard work that you do.

To the helpers in the village, I want you to look in the mirror. I want you to see every scar, every wrinkle, every grey hair as a badge of honour. I want you to see in your reflection medicine; the medicine we need to heal our shared pain. I want you to think back to the times you were cooking food, searching in the river, smudging or patrolling the streets, attending meetings, advocating inside and outside of these systems, and I want you to know that you are appreciated.

Your example is the blueprint that our kids are need moving into the future. Let’s teach with our example how to be relentless, forgiving and kind. When our world is this sick, we must be the medicine.

depositphotos_59383621-stock-photo-serious-woman-gesture-quiet-signHow the North End community shows their love is an inspiration. What are the ways in which you convey “I love you” to those important to you?  Share your story in the comments.


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