Pictures Of British Airways’ Revamped Concorde Room


British Airways is investing in their premium cabin experience, which sure is an area where they could use some investments. As part of that, British Airways has made some cosmetic updates to their Concorde Room, located at London Heathrow’s Terminal 5. This is their flagship lounge, available to those traveling in British Airways first class (oneworld Emerald members and those traveling on other oneworld airlines in first class don’t have access).


I’ve never thought the lounge lived up to the hype. It doesn’t rank in my list of the top 10 first class lounges in the world. While it’s an okay lounge, to me there’s nothing special about it, other than the excellent champagne they serve.

Here’s how British Airways describes the changes they’ve made to their lounge:

The refurbishment to the airline’s exclusive lounge included re-upholstering iconic pieces of furniture, and adding new feature pieces to the room, all of which are illuminated by hand-blown glass lighting with bone linen shades and ochre silk linings.

The terrace, which is so popular with travellers thanks to its position overlooking the runway, features luxurious sofas and new elegant loungers.

Mobile phone chargers are also on hand for travellers to ensure their devices are fully charged before they fly.

Customers will still be able to dine before they fly in private booths with a full waiter service. If they wish to unwind ahead of their flight, private cabanas with a day bed and en-suite are available to book.





I’ve gotta be honest — some of the furniture here doesn’t look especially high end to me, but rather looks like something I’d expect in the lobby of a Sheraton. I had to get a second opinion here, so I sent Andrew the following, and here’s how he responded:




So apparently I’m not alone?

However, even that is an improvement over much of the old furniture, which was worn and badly in need of being replaced.

What I really wish they had done is upgraded the bathrooms, which are horrible. However, I’m guessing that would have gone over their budget.



British Airways’ one other Concorde Room is at JFK, and that one should get a renovation next year.

What do you make of the refreshed British Airways Concorde Room?

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